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New way to credit

one year ago | Postby : GM

This new charging system puts the card in the NPC as you can see in the picture and within 5 minutes to an hour maximum will get the reward
The reward points are FightersPoints, you will get them after checking the card number and the card will be worth the net balance that I got from the card

When you click on the word [open shop] this is the store where you can buy what you want like the golden cup in IP7 Gold or CPS

Note CPS If above 2 billion will go to the CPS Bank

Note in 24 hours if you spend 70 points to is almost 100 pounds will get over 14 points gift you can buy what you want them you can restrict them when pressing
[check for over]
It will tell you that you have spent the day and if you have a gift or not
Good luck to all

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