XFightersCo | 3d version 2d Maps [ About ]

What is XFightersCo !

Information about the game all you want to know about our game

Server xFihters Conquer

-Mid Rates Drop 6k and ALot of events and Dragon island Monsters.

-Donation for gold only Restart Every Month

-Lag from 60 to 150 Eu Region Host

-Fps unlocked and you can make it lock as u want

-Attack at high degree of perfection

 (Ninja - Monk - pirate -Trojan Epic and Old wepons Like Dagger club sword etc.. -Warrior old and Epic - WindWalker -Fire - Water - Drgaon ,Phoenix and Tortoise Gem 100%)

-Cross (Poker - Arena - Events) betn. Servers

-High Staff Developers Active 24/7

-Join Server Discord :https://discord.gg/FAaUC6n

-Game Link :http://www.xfightersco.com

-Facebook Group :https://www.facebook.com/groups/110784826214770